Skill Development of Farmers in Medicinal Plants Cultivation

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Skill Development of Farmers in Medicinal Plants Cultivation
A well maintained NET House has been developed at the project site, chidana with the fully automated sprinkler system. The main objective of this project is to produce large scale quality planting material for farmers, new project site and other interested groups. It will also create awareness about conservation and common usage of medicinal plants among rural and urban population. Seedlings of some important high value medicinal plant among the 7 species of medicinal plants in the nursery and net house have been generated at Chidana under the SMPB project. Botanical name Common name Medicinal Uses
1 Bacopa moinneri Brahmi Antidote for snake –bite, nervine, improves mental function, asthma
2 Tenospora Cordifolia Giloe Antibiabetic: starch from stem and roots-in diarrhea and dysentery.
3 Withania sominifera Ashwagandha Root- tonic, debility from old age, cough,in swelling, sore eyes.
4 Ocimum sanctum Tulsi Leaves- expectorant: juice of leaves- diaphoretic,antiperiodic,andbronchitis; dropped into the ear for earache, infusion of leaves- stomachache ingastric disorders of children
5 Asparagus racemosus Satawar Arial parts anti-cancer,anti- xytocic,root-nutritive tonic
6 Glycirrhiza glabera Mulethi Anti-diabetic, antidote for snake- bite, tuberculosis, sore throat, bronchitis, abdominal pain
7 Andrographis paniculata Kalmegh Dysentery and dyspepsia; root and leaves febrifuge, stomachic, tonic, anthelmintic
8 Desmodium gangeticum Salparni It is a bitter tonic, digestive, antidysentric, alterative, aphrodisiac, antipyretic, anticatarrhal, febrifuge.
9 Acorus calamus Vacha It is widely employed in modern herbal medicine as its sedative, laxative, diuretic, and carminative properties.
10 Piper longum Pippali Digestive aid, respiratory support, Bone strenthener, Heart blood & circulation.
Demonstration garden
  • More than 500 Sq meter area has been covered by the medicinal plants.
  • Some important high value medicinal plant transplanted in this garden and factory area.