What are the projects under progress at Organzaition.

NABARD sponsored Organic farming, FPO ( Farmers Produce Organization), CAT ( Capacity Building for Adaption of Technology) exposure visit and training programme,  Skill development programme on AI (Artificial Insemination), Crop Residue Management ( Campaign against stubble burning). Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Haryana sponsored Soil Health Card generation in various villages of district Sonipat, Haryana.

What is hydroponics and benefits?

Soil less agriculture technique which saves time, conserves water, requires less area for growing nutritional fodder and nursery of different cereal,  vegetable crops and fruit plants in short period in comparison to conventional methodology.

What are the industrial research activities?

Quality assurance of raw material and finished goods in the areas of food, dairy products, edible oil and ghee, spices, feed, cereals and pulses, herbal raw material and finished products etc.

What are the activities undertaken under Medicinal plants cultivation.

Contract farming across India, training on GAP ( Good Agricultural Practices), cultivation of  high active ingredients yielding medicinal plants etc.

What are the testing facilities available at R&D Centre?

Chemical and microbiological evaluation of Milk and dairy products, animal and poultry feed, spices and condiments, raw and processed fruits and vegetables, cereals and pulses, edible oils and ghee, sugar and confectionery, herbal raw material and finished products, food additives, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, meat and meat products, egg and poultry products, food packaging materials, health index of soil and water, quantification of antibiotics and aflatoxins in food and feed, culture sensitivity test etc, germination index of seeds, quality index of compost etc.

What are the training facilities available?

AI (Artificial Insemination), Dairy farming, Organic farming, Soil and water testing, Waste to wealth management. Medicinal plants cultivation etc.

What are researchable areas and collaborations?

Food safety,   improved agriculture practices, hydroponics, AMR, animal health and nutrition, high active ingredient yielding medicinal plants, health index of soil and water. ARF undertakes Govt. of India sponsored projects either solo or in collaboration with esteemed Veterinary and Agricultural Universities across India.

Laboratories and training halls

  1. Wet Chemistry lab
  2. Instrumentation lab
  3. Microbiology lab
  4. Training halls – 2 Nos. to impart technical / entrepreneurship trainings to students.

What types of activities are conducted at Organization?

The basic objective of the trust is to conduct research in the areas of food safety,   agriculture, hydroponics, AMR, animal health and nutrition, medicinal plants, soil and water health and others for the welfare of the community at large. Organization also works in the area of rural development, women empowerment, rural entrepreneurs development, cultivation of good quality medicinal plants, contract farming, mechanized transplantation of hydroponically grown paddy nursery, providing trainings on organic farming, artificial insemination, medicinal plants etc.

About ARF

AYURVET RESEARCH FOUNDATION (ARF), a Public Charitable Trust duly registered under the Indian Trust Act, Head Office at Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, operations through its office at village Chidana, tehsil Gohana, district Sonipat, Haryana.