Animal Health & Service Center

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Community Development Program
ARF Institute for Animal Husbandry and Entrepreneurship Development
To promote entrepreneurship among rural youth, ARF started providing training on scientific dairy farming and artificial insemination (AI) in year 2007. In last 10 years, life of many rural youth has changed. After training, these youths are providing animal health care service in their village and earning livelihood of Rs. 7000-1000 per month.
In year 2017-18, Team ARF successfully trained 2 batch of total 21 entrepreneurs for 3 month each in the area of dairy farming & artificial insemination. Students from Lupin Foundation and local farming community were given field training, practical exposure along with field visits at NDRI Karnal and Vita Milk plant, Rohtak.

Trainees interacting with animal health experts at ARF Training Centre

ARF Vetrinarian carrying out the Artificoal insemination (AI) at villages of Haryana
Animal Health and Breed Improvement Centre
ARF Animal Health and breed improvement center is dedicated to provide animal health services at Sonepat District of Haryana. In FY 2019-20 , total 632 cases of diseases in animal were treated. For breed improvement, total 1152 Artificial insemination in Cows (573 nos.) and Buffaloes (579 nos.)
To provide animal health services in remote villages, 48 Animal Health Camps in different villages of nearby area were organized and 590 cases were treated. The analysis revealed that the key areas of cases were Anoestrus – 331 animals, Artificial insemination & pregnancy diagnosis – 159 animals and other cases – 100 animals.