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Ayurvet Research Foundation (ARF) is a Public Charitable Trust duly registered under the Indian Trust Act. The basic objective of the trust is to conduct research in the areas of animal health, nutrition & diagnostics, and other areas for the welfare of animals and the community at large. Since inception, Ayurvet Research Foundation has been promoting "Sustainable Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Practices" and supporting technologies which are environment friendly and affordable.

Key Activities of ARF

1. ARF R&D Centre : Recognized as SIRO (Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, is working with the objectives to undertake scientific research aimed towards food safety, detection of antibiotic residues in poultry meat, egg and milk, clinical investigation for the management of Mastitis, standardization of vermicompost, sustainable integration of agriculture and livestock for the benefit of farmers, improving health of soil, water, plants, animals, human beings and environment.

Infrastructure available: R&D Centre is consisted of 3 labs (Wet Chemistry, Instrumentation and Microbiology Lab) and 2 training halls. Labs are well equipped with 60 sophisticated instruments to carry out various scientific activities mainly focusing food safety. Training halls are used to provide trainings to farmers from Haryana or different parts of India on cultivation of medicinal plants, organic farming, animal husbandry to help them enhance productivity and earn better farm profits.

2. Hydroponics (Soil- less Agriculture) Technology): Towards Conservation of Water and Land

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants with out soil .

Team ARF has developed the indigenous hydroponic Technology. It has successfully developed the various application of hydroponics technology which are aimed towards saving of water, land , time, labour for sustainable food and feed production.

The journey started with green feed due to its importance in maintain health and reproductive efficiency of animal. .Due to ever increasing population pressure, arable land is mainly used for food and cash crop thus there is little chance of having good quality arable land for fodder production. Ayurvet Pro Green Hydroponics Technology is the answer for these problems .

With Ayurvet Pro Green Hydroponics Machine, now it is possible to grow uncontaminated, consistent and succulent green feed in just 7 days growth cycle 365 days of the year regardless of location or weather.

Apart from this, various application of the technology are there such as raising crop nurseries like paddy, wheat and sugarcane . Wheat grass with higher antioxidants for human health can also be raised

Waste to Wealth Management : Towards Clean Energy and enhancing Soil Fertility

India possess the wealth of huge cattle population . On one side , this provides nutrition and brand distinction of no.1 in milk production in the world.

On the other hand, we ranked low in handling of dung which is considered as waste by many farmers. If effectively utilized it is an excellent resource of manure and energy. In addition it reduces the advesre effect on environment.

Team ARF has successfully demonstrated and created awareness by use of Biogas, Biogas slurry, Vermicompost and log made up of dung

ARF is successful in developing entrepreneurship in producing organic food using these technogies

3. ARF Institute of Animal Husbandry & Entrepreneur Development : Towards Skill Development and Empowerment

ARF is successfully promoting entrepreneurship among rural youth by providing training and skill in :--

  • Scientific Dairy Farming
  • Artificial – Insemination ( A. I )
  • Breeding and Health Management

ARF has Trained 700 rural youth, women and farmers in Collaboration with LUVAS Hisar, IGNOU and ASCI

4.Bioresource Development : Ensuring Quality Planting Material

As part for one-health program, the cultivated quality medicinal plants are of immense importance.

Team ARF is closely working with the farmers to educate them towards:

  • Cultivation of medicinal using Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)
  • To generate gainful employment in rural communities
  • Improve active content of medicinal plants
  • The Crops are available with Certification and Passport Data
  • Rural Development : Empowering Village

Team ARF with the support of NABARD and related stakeholders are working closely with over 5000farmers towards empowering with knowledge, skill for quality, food production and improving farm profits.

Our Initiatives are:-

  • Self –Help Groups ( SHGs)
  • Farmers' Club
  • Jal Abhiyan
  • Farmer Producer Organisation ( FPO)
  • Crop – residue Management ( CRM)
  • Capacity Building for Adaptation of Technology ( CAT)
  • Organic Farming

Ayurvet Sambandh Programme – ARF in collaboration with Ayurvet Limited is pursuing a programme Ayurvet Sambandh for building relationship with farmers & for the welfare of animals and community at large.

II. Ayurvet Pashu Swasthya Sansar Sansar Magazine - In order to reach the farmers throughout India, ARF provides technical inputs to Ayurvet towards "Ayurvet Pashu Swasthya Sansar" – monthly magazine, which addresses the farmer's needs and provides them information regarding Animal Husbandry in order to keep their animals healthy and productive.

III. Kisan Gosthi – Kisan Ke Dwar - ARF in collaboration with Ayurvet is organizing Kisan Gosthi in villages, in order to make it more convenient for the farmers to attend it

IV. Farmers' club and Self-Help Groups: ARF in collaboration with NABARD mobilizes farmers and women of region for upliftment of their socio-economic status through credit linkage, sustained agriculture and animal husbandry practices.

VI. Farmers' training: ARF creates awareness among the farmers of country through various training programs in the areas of organic farming, medicinal plant cultivation and dairy farming, crop residue management etc.

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