Ongoing projects

  1.  Germplasm characterization and development of nursery techniques for Vidarikand   (Pueraria  tuberosa).
  2.   Raising Hydroponics Paddy nursery and its transplantation at field – an initiative   towards farmers  welfare.
  3.   Demonstration of hydrogel technology in Wheat and Maize crop with farmers of Sonipat  district.
  4.   To raise the sugarcane nursery hydroponically and analyze its performance after       transplantation in soil in terms of growth and yield parameters.  
  5.   Demonstration of benefits of organic farming over conventional farming for safe food, better soil   and human health with farmers of kisan club in Panipat district.
  6.   Farmer club.
  7.   Self Help Groups
  8.   Farmer producer organization.
  9.   Crop residue management.
  10.  Developing rural youth as entrepreneurs through training on dairy farming and artificial   insemination.
  11.  Clinical investigation of Mastitis in the village of Sonepat and Panipat, Haryana.
  12.   Quality control of animal feed/poultry feed for better farm profits.


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