About Rural Development Initiatives

About Rural Development Initiatives

1. Community Development Program

ARF Institute for Animal Husbandry and Entrepreneurship Development

To promote entrepreneurship among rural youth, ARF started providing training on scientific dairy farming and artificial insemination (AI) in year 2007. In last 10 years, life of many rural youth has changed. After training, these youths are providing animal health care service in their village and earning livelihood of Rs. 7000-1000 per month.                                                                                                       Trainees interacting with animal health experts at ARF Training  Centre                                                                                   

In year 2017-18, Team ARF successfully trained 2 batch of total 21 entrepreneurs for 3 month each in the area of dairy farming & artificial insemination. Students from Lupin Foundation and local farming community were given field training, practical exposure along with field visits at NDRI Karnal and Vita Milk plant, Rohtak.

2.2 Animal Health and Breed Improvement Centre

ARF Animal Health and breed improvement center is dedicated to provide animal health services at Sonepat District of Haryana. In FY 2019-20 , total 632 cases of diseases in animal were treated. For breed improvement, total 1152 Artificial insemination in Cows (573 nos.) and Buffaloes (579 nos.) 


                       ARF Vetrinarian carrying out the Artificoal insemination (AI) at villages of Haryana

To provide animal health services in remote villages, 48 Animal Health Camps in different villages of nearby area were organized and 590 cases were treated. The analysis revealed that the key areas of cases were Anoestrus – 331 animals, Artificial insemination & pregnancy diagnosis – 159 animals and other cases – 100 animals.

2.3 Empowering rural population through NABARD supported Kisan Clubs

To inculcate scientific thinking in the farmers regarding agriculture and its subsidiary occupation, Farmer Club is the great platform. ARF is playing key role in formation of Kisan Club in Haryana. It offers a platform to the farmers for discussing them oblems and finding solution collectively.


                                    ARF Rural Development  team intercting with farmers of Kisan club

Till 31st  March 2018, ARF formed 132 Kisan Clubs with support of NABARD. In FY 2017-18, total 46 meeting of farmer clubs were organized. This financial year, data of 68 farmer clubs from Sonepat district and 44 farmer clubs from Panipat district were digitized on Krishak Sarthi portal.

To train the farmers of Kisan clubs, ARF has taken many intiatives to train farmers and increase their awareness for profitable agri practices. For field exposure of farmers, ARF had organized many exposure visits of farmers to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mushroom Growing Farms, farmer fairs, industrial exposure and Symposiums etc.

                                              Exposure visit of FPO members

                                                         Exposure visit of Farmers club members

Women empowerment through Self Help Groups

ARF believe that development of society is incomplete without development of women. To empower women of Haryana, NABARD had sanctioned project of 50 SHGs formation in Panipat district. Out of 50 SHGs, 17 SHG's were linked with banks where women in groups deposit their monthly saving. ARF also organized workshops for developing leadership quality among women.

                              ARF team member discussing livelihood optiions with rural women under SHG project
Waste to Wealth programme: Swacch Bharat Abhiyan
The common picture of Indian village is cattle dung lying on side of roads leading to fly menace and Green House Gas emission. This not only attract flies but also impact hygiene & cleanliness of the villages. Team ARF has been successfully advising rural people about cow dung log making and  use in Biogas & vermicompost since last 12 years.
                                                                                     Cow dung log making at ARF
Organic farming project
With support of NABARD, ARF demonstrated benefits of organic farming over conventional farming in 24 acres of land towards safe food, better soil and human health in villages of district Panipat.
1. Created awareness on Organic farming in Villages of Panipat district of Haryana
2. Constructed 2 vermicompost pits/farmers for 12 farmers & started production of vermicompost
3. Carried out soil testing for 12 farmer fields for different macro and micro nutrients.
4. Demonstration conducted for cultivation of Paddy and Wheat on 12 locations through Organic farming
5.     Carried out marketing programs of Organic produce through Kisan Mela and  
                                      Vermicompost pits constructed at village Didwadi, Panipat  by ARF
                                                         Vermicompost pits constructed at village Didwadi, Panipat, Haryana 
Tree Plantation on World Environment Day
On 5th  June 2017, ARF celebrated World Environment Day by planting 300 trees with help of local villagers in Sonepat district of Haryana. Tree is the best friend of human giving uncounted benefits to the society without asking anything in return. Benefits of tree plantation were also explained to the villagers. NABARD officials were also present during tree plantation campaign.
                              Plantation drive by ARF Managing Trustee Shri Mohan Ji Saxena and team
Ayurvet Unnat Kisan Mela evam Gosthi
Ayurvet Research Foundation in collaboration with NABARD, organized Ayurvet Unnat Kisan Mela & Gosthi in Chidana village of Sonepat, Haryana on 11th November 2017. The key agenda of the Mela & Gosthi was to discuss problems faced by farmers and providing solutions to farm issues and improve farm profits with the help of renowned agriculture and livestock scientists and experts.
Experts like, Dr. M.J. Khan (Chairman, ICFA), Dr. Vibha Dhawan (Senior Director-TERI), Padmshree Dr. V.P.Singh (Paddy Expert), Dr.T.P.Trivedi (Plant Protection Expert), Dr. A.C. Varshney (Former V.C.- DUVASU), other Scientists and NABARD officials gave their view points to tackle the issue. Along with student's science model, Team Ayurvet demonstrated various scientific innovations in area of agriculture and dairy farming to the farmers in Kisan Mela. More than 450 farmers participated in the event. It was encouraging to see active participation from school students, large number of women participants and media people.
                                                   Ayurvet  Unnant Kisan Mela and Goshthi


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