Completed projects

1.    Detoxification and utilization of key agro-forest based non-conventional oilcakes in the  feeding of livestock.
2.    Development of technology for hydroponics fodder producing machine and system.
3.    Effect of Phytochemicals on livestock health and emission of greenhouse gases.
4.    Microbial production of “Biotech Feed’’ by solid state fermentation & recombinant technology.
5.    Bio-entrepreneurship development through innovative integrated farm-based approach with adoption of agriculture and                      animal husbandry practices for sustainable livelihood security of farmers and youths from two districts (Panipat and    Sonepat) of Haryana.
6.    Germplasm Characterization and Development of Nursery Technique for Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberosa)
7.    Farmers club digitalization.
8.    Jal Abhiyan.
9.    Ex-Situ conservation and strengthening of existing medicinal plant nursery training, extension activities and farmers                 awareness in Chidana, Sonipat district of Haryana State.
10.  Transplanting Paddy through Hydroponic Technology A Novel Concept.
11.  Estimation of the nutritive value of wheat grass.
12.  Bacteriological shelf life of cow raw milk.
13.  Chemical & microbial evaluation & comparison of in house produced wheat grass powder with market samples.
14.  The comparative efficacy study of floor cleaner gonyle with domex and lizol.
15.  Microbial safety of organic fertilizer vermicompost.
16.  Standardization of specifications of in house produced vermicompost.
17.  Economical process development for the manufacturing of wheat grass powder on commercial scale.
18.  Impact of earthworms on soil dynamics and fertility.
19.  Comparatives nutritional profiling of hydroponically grown and conventionally grown wheatgrass juice.
20.  Development of an effective natural disinfectant to control microbial growth wheat grass production process.
21.  Isolation & Identification of culture from drainage water.
22.  Isolation & identification of culture from wound sample of affected animal.
23.  Evaluation of quality of water being fed to livestock of villages of districts Panipat and Sonipat, Haryana
24.  Identification of microflora in different types of organic compost.
25.  Safety evaluation of mineral mixtures being fed to livestock of villages, district Sonipat and Panipat, Haryana.
26.  Safety evaluation of edible salt with respect to their label claims.
27.  Evaluation of microbicidal and chemical impurities reducing efficiency of water purifier.
28.  Evaluation and comparison of chemical constituents and pathogenic load of organic compost Vs in house produced                 vermicompost
29.  Comparative evaluation of vermicompost and FYM in terms of its nutritional contents and microbiological load.
30.  Evaluation of organic manure or humic acid-based formulation available in the market in Haryana
31.  Evaluation of quality index of in house produced vermicompost and organic compost
32.  Development of kit/chemical procedure for silent heat detection in buffaloes.
33.  Study of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria in different milk products.
34.  Detection of antibiotic residues in poultry feed, meat, egg and milk using ELISA technique.
35.  Detection of antibiotic residues in poultry meat egg and milk using microbiological zone of inhibition.
36.  Microbial and chemical quality analysis of water generated from atmospheric water generator
37.  Isolation and identification of microorganisms present in a consortium named Re-Life and also its effectiveness in soil               fertility.
38.  Detection of aflatoxin present in food and feed samples using ELISA technique


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